About Us and Our Gourmet Coffee in LA

Meet Hausbrandt


Foundation of the brand: The "Specialita Caffe Hausbrandt" brand is founded in 1892. Hausbrandt becomes the first company to offer products that are processed and packed at its own plant in sealed metal containers.


The strength of a company: Despite the tragedies of World War II, Hausbrandt survives and maintains its identity as the largest Italian coffee-roasting company, preserving its historical production plants throughout the national territory.


The adventure begins: Martino Zanetti lays the first brick of what will become one of the most representative companies in the world of coffee, choosing to devote himself to an entrepreneurial initiative aimed at promoting gourmet coffee selections, an uncharted territory until then. This marks a sort of break from the past, addressing consumers looking for refined, high-quality products.


Evolution of the brand: At the end of the 80s, with the entrepreneurial revolution brought by the new President Martino Zanetti, the logotype "Moka" was the subject of a substantial restyling which redesigned its features in a more refined, sober style. Gaining in intensity with the colors red and gold, Moka comes further to life with a more communicative, contemporary appearance.


Internationalization: With a widespread distribution network, Hausbrandt is able to guarentee the international distribution of its coffee. Its pursuit of excellence, the result of a consistent selection of high-quality raw materials, has led Hausbrandt Trieste 1892 S.p.A. to hold a leading position in the world of coffee, which goes beyond national borders and includes companies in Austria and Slovenia.


The company today: In 2017 a new, technological logistics hub is inaugurated, bringing together in the same location the warehouses where Hausbrandt coffees (3000m2), Theresianer beers (1200m2), and Col Sandago wines (over 500m2) are stored. In 2019 the Corporate Identity is significantly renewed for the second time in the company's history, with the introduction of the new logo and coordinated image.

Who Are We

Our Story: Two people, two countries, and one love to share the best coffee in the world. Meet the first official Hausbrandt USA distributors, Sokol Rika from Tirana, Albania, and Carlina Rika from Alexandria, Louisiana. We come to you together as Euro Caffe LLC. Bringing over 130 years of Hausbrandt coffee-roasting experience from the Italian boot to the Louisiana boot headquarters. Our mission is, "To bring a European flair of intrigue and delight one sip at a time!"

We Are Passionate

When it comes to finding a high-quality coffee distributor for your shop, restaurant, or other business, Euro Caffe LLC is your number one source for the finest coffee products that you can't get anywhere else. As the first official supplier of Hausbrandt in the USA, we have the widest selection of coffee as well as superior customer service, so you can be sure that your experience with us will be an excellent one. We can guarantee that your patrons will savor every sip of their morning or evening brew. From grounds to beans to gourmet roast, we sell it all in a variety of tasteful flavors. In fact, people love our Hausbrandt coffee so much that we've even started selling merchandise. Unlike other coffee distributors, we take pride in the coffee that we sell and feel part of the community that we serve. We're passionate about what we do and would love to be a supplier for your business. Euro Caffe LLC strives to make the Hausbrandt brand accessible so that all people from all walks of life may savor this special brew.

We Are Here for You

Euro Caffe LLC is based in Louisiana but we ship our products nationwide. So, whether you're a local in need of gourmet coffee in LA or you run a bar on the other side of the country, we are the coffee distributor for you. We are all about connecting people and sharing the joy of European blends with those who may not otherwise get a chance to taste a superior brew. Get in touch with us today for more information about Hausbrandt and our line of products. We look forward to hearing from you and shipping our gourmet coffee LA adores to your doors. Your patrons will be able to taste the difference immediately!